Charitable Causes

Leech Memorial Fund

The Leech Memorial Fund has allowed us to help provide medical attention to deserving pets over the past five years. These animals have all been brought in as strays, feral cats, and owner surrenders. All of these animals have received medical care as needed including spay/neuter, microchip, vaccines, medications, deworming and dentals. They are then re-homed to loving families.


To pay for these treatments, a fund was started in memory of one of our loving clients who passed away. Mr. Leech was a long time client and cat lover who made our clinic a brighter place. His compassion and love for animals inspired the Leech Memorial Fund, which allows us to continue helping animals in his honour. On average, we have been able to provide treatment, and re-home ten pets per year. 


To help raise money to continue the fund, we host nail trim events as often as we can. Staff members volunteer their time, and the clinic donates the resources needed for these events. We rely on our wonderful clients that attend these nail trim events to make them a success!

** Due to Covid-19 we have cancelled all upcoming events. Please check our Facebook page and website for updates regarding reopening procedures. **