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Practice Manager

Tia joined the team on a warm spring day, 23 years ago. At 6lbs 3oz, this firecracker took Northgate by storm. Tia is Dr. Nikiforuk's daughter, and has been around Northgate her whole life, but more recently took on a professional role within the practice.

Tia comes to us with a management degree, and an abundance of enthusiasm to serve the veterinary community with a heightened level of compassion. She believes that veterinary medicine should be provided with a focus on both client and patient care.

Tia is known for her ability to handle spam calls, overbook the appointment schedule, and pick up the phone without it ringing. In addition to the high speed (and a little chaotic) work environment she creates, Tia is a livestock and livestock photographer. When she isn't in the office, she is on the road photographing an assortment of events across North America.

She also enjoys fuelling her shopping addiction by spoiling her two Border Collies; Gerdi and Chuck (Charles Bass), and her two cats; Thomas and Patti.


Tia's Likes



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Border Collies &


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